What Do Architects Do?
What do architects do

Architects are skilled, licensed professionals that study the art and science of building design. They help take your dreams and turn them into reality. Architects develop concepts for buildings, work with clients to define and realize their goals, and create a tangible plan of action. In addition to creating the look and feel of a building, architects address the safety, functionality, accessibility, comfort, adherence to legislation, impact on the environment, and cost when designing buildings. Architects design a wide array of buildings, depending on their specialty and client needs. 

When working with clients, architects play a variety of roles. First they examine the existing situation, discuss what the client wants, and design accordingly. They then create the architectural and construction details and ensure the construction is completed according to plan. They also serve as a liaison between the client and the contractor, code officials, vendors, and more. To wear this many hats requires a lot of training.

In Ohio, every architect as well as every architectural firm must be licensed by the State Architects Board. An individual becomes a licensed architect by passing a series of exams. In order to be eligible to sit for the exams, an individual must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from a National Architecture Accrediting Board certified program and complete about three years of internships. Architects continue their education by participating in training throughout their careers. 

As licensed professionals, architects are ethically bound by codes of conduct to ensure all rules and regulations associated with a building project are followed. Architects create and govern their own professional organizations, such as the American Institute of Architects. These organizations encourage fellowship, accountability, and education among one another. 

What an architect specializes in once they’ve completed their training and licensing varies widely. Many architects are general practitioners and execute the design of many building types of various scales. Some architects serve a niche market such as high-end residential, tenant improvement, medical, historical preservation, retail, and more. If you can think of a particular building type, there is probably an architect that specializes in it. 

Rather than focusing on a particular building type, at FiELD9: architecture we specialize in design strategies that produce environmentally conscious design. We aim to create environmentally friendly, energy efficient spaces. This requires us to have specialized knowledge about alternative energy sources, sun and shading, and the properties of building materials, among other things. FiELD9 focuses on restorative architecture which aims to help the environment while designing resilient buildings that give back to the Earth, withstand the test of time, and offer the utmost comfort to our clients.

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