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Hello, I’m Matthew

Architect & Principal at FiELD9

First and foremost–I love what I do. Architecture is more than just buildings, it’s a cultural act, a way of creating the spaces where we connect, live, and grow as a community.

I obtained my M. Arch degree from The Ohio State University, and have lived and worked as an architect in this community for nearly two decades. While I’m proud of my roots and deeply invested in my local community I also have an NCARB certification and work in neighboring states as well. More about FiELD9

At FiELD9: architecture

We recognize the harm done to the environment, our communities, our health, and our quality of life by the buildings we occupy. The construction industry is responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions which lead to climate change and accounts for the second-largest use of plastics. Current standards of construction utilize methods and materials that are destroying the planet and ruining our health.

We design buildings that reduce emissions and energy consumption by up to 80% by using innovative materials and methods that are durable, efficient, and benefit the environment. You can rest easy knowing your space will be comfortable and healthy for the life of the  building while doing its part to restore the environment and our communities. 

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At FiELD9 we aren’t like other architecture firms. We do things a little differently, and that’s what our clients like about us. We lead with listening, and follow through with collaboration so your project meets all the needs you know about, and the ones you haven’t thought to anticipate. When it comes to architectural projects there are there are expenses at the outset, but also the cost of ownership over time. We help you design solutions that meet your needs now, as well as in the future, because legacy matters to you.

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